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DraftingPeople is a organization that offers the substantial engineering CAD consultancy service across the various industries.  We provide a cost effective and compatible service that streamlines the whole process and offers an effective result. DraftingPeople strives to perform in order to remember as a top-notch quality Structural CAD service provider.


DraftingPeople has a strong expertise in a Concrete, Steel , Wood structures and miscellaneous steel detailing service. Steel Detailing is basically the production of detailed drawings that exhibit the manufacture and erection of steel members such as metal decking, stairs, trusses, joists, handrails, beams, columns, and braces. The steel members to show in the detailed plan and drawings are used in the high-rise steel buildings, non-building structures, Industrial plants, and bridges. Our Structural Detailing,public, Industrial, commercial and municipal areas. Being an avid provider of Structural detailing, we often closely work with engineering firms, general contractors and steel fabricators. The main mission of DraftingPeople is to be a trusted partner with Architecture, Construction and Engineering Industry. DraftingPeople helps the contractors and structural engineers to create cost effective safe structural cross sections.


  • Shop Drawing Services

  • Steel Shop Drawings

  • Steel Detail Work

  • Concrete detail work

  • Creating Structural sections

  • Structural CAD Drawings

  • Structural Fabrication Drawing

  • Precast Panel Detailing

  • Precast Panel Detailing

  • Precast Wall Detailing

  • Precast Wall Panel Detailing

  • Precast Concrete Panel Detailing

  • Concrete Element Detailing

  • Bar Bending Schedules

  • Foundation Details

  • Bar Bending List

  • Structural Construction Drawings Services



DraftingPeople is not only limited to the service of the drawing board but has a strong grip on Structural modeling service and 3D Modeling Service. Thereby, we offer the customer the benefit of every engineering service from one single window. At every undertaken project, we majorly invest the technical knowledge and experience of our team that comprises of engineers, architects, and draftsmen. Our forte does not only include shop drawings and erection drawings of structural steel detailing but also create reports, estimation and plans of every Steel Detailing projects.

Our work is heavily conformed to major International building codes and practices and cordially functions with every nation. We take the consideration of every phase of Structural drafting right from the design and modeling to analysis of pre-planned designs and construction documents. We treat every project in an equal manner; even we consider your smallest concerns which you can be brought at any stage of the ongoing project.​


  • Handles A-Z of given project

  • Certified and experienced Engineers

  • Certain availability of project manager and associated engineer

  • Latest and updated software

  • Cutting Edge technology

  • Streamlined working process

  • Impressive end results

For further details in Structural Engineering Services, please follow our contact details.

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