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DraftingPeople is a  brand to provide consultancy for Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry that comes out as a designing of various structure which clearly defines the size and other aspects very well. We are a team of expert engineers who are certified by best of institutes and their passion towards every project is the reason that DraftingPeople achieving the zenith of height. We are not confined to only national boundaries but also exploring our service at overseas level.

BIM is a composition for Building Information Modeling (BIM) which can be software and a process for the user. It involves the creation and management of an undertaken project during, before and after the construction process. The result of this whole process is Building Information Modeling which represents the digital description of the whole physical asset. These elements have every aspect that includes both physical and logical parts of their real analogs counterpart. We are a renowned BIM service provider in all over the country, offering high-end BIM solutions not only within the INDIA but also at a global sphere. DraftingPeople is specialized in the end to end, building design service right from conceptual stage to final product. We are thoroughly specialized in Building Information Modeling service which is offer with the aim to revolutionize the Engineering, building construction process, allowing the proponents to collaborate better and minimize the cost and time.


  • Architectural BIM Services

  • Structural BIM Services

  • Point Cloud BIM Services

  • BIM Clash Detection

  • BIM Prefabrication Services

  • Revit BIM Modeling

  • Rebar Foundation Detailing Services

  • BIM Design Solution

  • 3D Construction Planning

  • BIM Outsourcing 



Our expertise lies in the Virtual Design and Construction along with Revit BIM Services for Educational, Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Government building project as well as public welfare infrastructure i.e. Airport, Dams, Tunnels, and Bridges. Our BIM is fairly used in Management, Construction Management, Facility Management and land administration and cadastral spaces. The biggest benefit of Building Information Modeling is the opportunity to utilize the solutions in advance and also offer a constructible model that leads to the prototype of structure in virtual mode.


  • 2D Drawings for Construction Documentation

  • 3D Parametric Modeling

  • BIM Modeling for presentations

  • Site Modeling and Layouts

  • Revit Family Creation

  • Revit Content Creation

  • 3D and 2D sections-Elevations

  • Quantity Take-off

DraftingPeople is a rapidly growing family of talented and technology savvy professionals that smoothly implement the large and complex Architecture, Engineering and Construction projects.


  • Ground Breaking Solutions

  • Excellent Management Skills

  • Certified and Dedicated Engineers

  • Potential to handle versatile projects

  • Enhancement in the level of technology

  • Confidentiality of client’s data and records

For further information Building Information Modeling Services (BIM), please feel free to join us.

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