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DraftingPeople is to provide the CAD based services in the whole Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry through our competent team of skilled Engineers, Architects, Detailers, and draftsmen. We are not only confined to the INDIA but also exploring our niche at the global level. Our services are reaching up to every corner of the world. 


Rebar Detailing is a process of creating shop drawings for the steel reinforcement for the construction process. The Rebar Detailing process includes the placement, bending shapes, quantity, description, laps of the reinforcing steel and dimensions. The Rebar Detailing Drawings are made to include the spacing, location, rebar size and lap of steel. DraftingPeople is an established name in providing expertise in Rebar Detailing software for reinforced concrete detailers. In Rebar Detailing process, the leading software is utilized in RebarCAD whose success lies in the advanced detailing features and excellence in the technical aspect. Our Rebar Detailing software includes integration with design and fabrication quality. DraftingPeople has set its Rebar detailing services specifically to concrete contractors, construction companies, and fabricators. We allot a dedicated team of engineers, detailers, quality controllers and team leader as per the commitment and volume of jobs.


  • Rebar Detailing Services

  • Rebar Shop Drawings Services

  • Rebar fabrication Services

  • Rebar Framing Plan Design

  • Rebar Structure Foundation

  • Rebar Pit Design

  • Rebar Framing Plan

  • Rebar Beam Design

  • Rebar Structure Steel Detailing

  • Structure Foundation Rebar Detailing



The team of DraftingPeople follows the respective codes and standard of the country and also the Internationally approved. We utilize the state-of-the-art technology software to generate good and precise drawings that exactly meet the expectation and requirements of clients. Just because we are a thorough professional team, that doesn’t mean that we stopped learning. We minimize the errors by constantly providing training to our team technicians and professionals. Every ongoing project after the completion is subjected to quality control through our expert team before handing over the project to our client.


  • Detailing of Rebar including shape, length, and diameter

  • Evaluating stock length of bars

  • Avoiding wastage of material

  • Placement of Rebars with location, method of placement and concrete covers

  • Bar Bending schedules which include length and weight of bars, bar diameter, quantity of bars, notation of bars and overall weight of entire set of bars

  • Fabrication of bars

In every ongoing project, we maintain the fair exchange of information or keep on considering the feedbacks that our clients provide after the completion of every project. As our main expertise is to design and draw but that doesn’t keep us from visiting the site. We may have a site visit in the periodic or monthly in intervals in order to understand the constructibility issues. Site exposure is important in order to visualize the structure while detailing.


  • Certified team of professionals

  • Confidentiality of data

  • Timely Delivery

  • Secure Payment Methods

  • Availability of representative of every project

  • Efficient Consulting

  • Licensed Software

  • Qualitative services

  • Direct Communications

For further information on Rebar Detailing Services, please refer our contact details and connect with us to experience the best of our solution.

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