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DraftingPeople is a trusted Architecture Engineering Design Consultancy, that assists you to produce best of the designing and detailing drawings with utter comprehension and clarity that remains best in the highly competitive market. We utilize industry advance tools to specific CAD Designing and optimization requirements. Our engaging approach offers customers the very best services available in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction today. We have several achieved projects with Architectural complexity, challenges and offered customized solution that meets the expectation of the client.

Our team of expert Architect & Engineers are very well aware of the intricacies of Architecture Engineering i.e. Architectural Criticism, Building science, Architectural Design Theories, Overall ambiance of architectural creation and Digital Design Techniques. We provide detailed Architectural Engineering service that allows the smoothing of design, analysis, construction and engineering process and support clients to rapidly extract the essential information such as quantities, specification and cost. The team of DraftingPeople makes use of software namely Revit, Auto CAD, and Photoshop for developing 2D, 3D & BIM Model. 


  • Revit Architectural Services

  • Revit 3D Modelling

  • Architectural CAD Drawings

  • Millwork DrawingS

  • Digitization

  • Construction Document

  • Facade Detail Drawings

  • Interior Design

  • Fit out Drawings

  • Retail Drawing Package

  • Red line mark-ups

  • Architectural Detail Drawings

  • Interior Shop Drawings

  • Furniture Drawings

  • Landscape Drawings

  • 2D Drafting Services

  • Mortgage Survey Drafting

  • Boundary Survey Drafting

  • Lot Survey Drafting

  • Urban Planning Drawing Package

  • Master Planning Drawing



Architecture is an integral part of our professional service that supports the wide range of various CAD and engineering service. We contribute nothing less than 100% in everything we provide. It’s why DraftingPeople  is gradually on the path of being a GLOBAL LEADER in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. Our working process spans from green field, Brown field, refurbishment, restoration projects. Different steps are Design conceptualization, detail designing, authorization or approval drawings, estimation, construction observations and monitoring etc. that is carried out by various updated software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla, and CAD.


  • Qualified and Experienced Engineers

  • Security and Confidentiality of client’s data

  • Updated and Licensed software

  • Coordination between participated discipline

  • All communication Gadgets and software

  • Timely Delivery

  • Best of the Industry


For further query in Architecture CAD service, please feel free to contact us..

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